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Ayurveda Approach To Mental Health Crisis During Covid

Ayurveda approach to mental health during this Covid-19 pandemic

The dreaded Novel Coronavirus became one of the foremost problems that humankind faces not just in 2020 but in our whole history. It quickly and rapidly changes our daily lives and forced to adjust to what we now call “The new normal”. Accompanying the imminent threat of infections and diseases is the emotional and psychological stress that the Covid 19 disease brings with it. Being confine in your house and not freely go outside and do what you want, can be mentally taxing on an individual.

An article was recently released showing a study where ayuverdic methods and principles where used to aid the mental health of the individuals

The possible effects of Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine promoted by the Indian government as an “immune booster”, are examined from the point of view of psychoneuroimmune mechanisms as well as the “meaning response” described by Moerman. It was found that many of the measures advocated in their guidelines could positively influence immunity either by direct effects on symptoms of depression or anxiety, or through their symbolic significance. Therefore, it is possible that such traditional practices could be beneficial both in terms of psychological quality of life, and in terms of moderating the risk of infection.

Excerpts from the study “Ayurveda and COVID-19: Where psychoneuroimmunology and the meaning response meet ” by Ravi Philip Rajkumar.

But what exactly is an ayurvedic approach?

Ayurveda is an old healing science that originated from India. Ayurveda in Sanskrit translate to “The Science of life” . It’s a healing science that orignated for around 5000 years ago, and was perfected from master’s to discples over the course of time. Many of the well know alternative healing techniques such as homeopathy and polarity therapy actually got ispirations from ayurveda.

One with your Mind

Stress is now being more distinct as one of the primary reasons of an individuals declining mental health. More so that stress takes different forms like, relationship problems, substance abuse, and overall emotional difficulties. Add on top of that the recent pandemic that started communtiy lockdowns that prevents one of the most effective way in battling stress, socializing.

Modern sciences and medicine like Psychology and Psychiatry addresses an individuals mental health problems through modern medicine and science, however from the perspective Ayurvedic teachings, it states that for an individual to reach inner peace and a stable state of mind he must first find his inner self and transcend his own thoughts to meditations. This also what the ancient texts “Veda” states, that once achieved being one with your body and mind enables the self-repair mechanisms of the body to functions efficiently and more rapidly. A perfect treatment for mental health issues during this pandemic.

Ayurvedic techniques like Ayurveda meditation, when done right and under the proper guise of an ayurvedic professional show clear results in improving mental health conditions. Proper meditation techniques can help you release stress. Ayurvedic principles teaches one to feel and learn the secrets of an individual’s mind and body. It reveals to you on how to create a perfect balance between physical wellness and Mental health. 

Just as every person has a uniqe quality or individual trait, Ayurveda explains that we also have different patterns of energy and how we can channel it to help guide our mental health to a stronger immunity against depression and stress amids Covid 19.

One with your Body

Ayurvedic principles also emphasizes phsyical welness and exercises as one of the key factors the will improve and also be part of the treatment for ones mental health. Both modern science and Ayurverda knows that exercising allows hormones such as seratonin and endorphins to be released in the brain which improves your general mood and induces a happy state. There are three types of physical capabilites accord to Ayurvedic teachings, Kapha, Pitta, and Vata.

Vata types are people who will function well with light exercises such as jogging and power walking, any other strenuous exercises and they might be doing more harm than good. Swimming or doing outdoor activities are best for Pitta types as they are more inclide with nature and keeps their thought from over heating. Kapha types are the one with the most affinity towards more heavy exercises.

Ayurveda reccomends doing Hatha yoga as part of an individuals daily routin in an attempt to meditate and promote physical fitness at the same time. Accompany them with breathing exercises such as pranayama, this can be the perfect routine treatment in battle mental health issues that Covid imposes on us.

One with Nature

Ayurvedic medicines are not the ones you see in labs or drugstores. Ayurveda takes pride in utilizing the plants around us as an alternative medicine. Ayurveda states that certain combinations of plants and herbs, when consumed target specific body organs and parts of the body to aid in fighting against diseases, infections, and a whole lot more. 

Ayurverdic teachings believe that every type of plants has their own uniques signature of waves, that resonates within us, on a specic organs, that produces the benefits that is needed. Herbal medicines such as Forte Ashwagandha, Forte Boswellia, and Uritone are just some of the msot effective herbal medicines out there

Keeping in mind these 3 key points of Ayurveda, you are sure to be well equipped in battling stress and emotional problems during this pandemic.

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