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07 Apr,2023

Coconut Chutney Recipe

Coconut! Yes! A very easily available item that has innumerable health benefits! To top that off, the large-scale availability also puts coconut at a very moderate price point!

Coconuts are rich in protein and contain many essential minerals involved in a number of functionalities in your body!

Being rich in copper and iron, coconut helps form red blood cells and selenium, an antioxidant involved in the protection of the cells! Sounds good! Right?

You know blood sugar is a common problem nowadays! However, the fact that it is commonly found does not change the fact that it is quite a risky issue to deal with!

Did you know that if you made coconut a small part of your diet, it could contribute a lot towards controlling blood sugar levels? Yes. 

Considering all these factors, we have brought a delicious Ayurvedic recipe that you could easily make at home – coconut chutney!

So, let’s look at the ingredients you will need to make this fantastic recipe! Don’t be surprised when we say all the ingredients are extremely easily available!

Yes! To start off with, you’ll need two cups of shredded coconut, half an inch piece of ginger which needs to be finely chopped, a tablespoon full of fresh cilantro leaves, two cups of water, two tablespoons of ghee, half a teaspoon each of cumin and mustard seeds, three to four curry leaves, half a lime, half teaspoon of salt and half a chili chopped! Try and keep something close by as well!

Quite a number of things, but all that is readily available and accessible!

Moving On to The Preparation:

The preparation is easier than you could even imagine! Simply put the coconut in a blender along with the green chili, ginger, and cilantro, add some water, and blend until you get a smooth paste!

Once this is done, heat the ghee in a pan and add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, hing, and curry leaves. The seeds will start popping within a few minutes, giving off a pleasant smell!

Once you see this happening, please turn off the flame and pour the cooked spices into the blended mixture, squeeze the lime and keep stirring until it all mixes nicely and evenly!

What is the best part? You could store this for up to three days! 

The healthy and tasty coconut chutney is ready! Enjoy!

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