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Turmeric Plus 90 Caps

Supports healthy joints, muscles, bones, and immune function, 90 Vegetarian Capsules
1. VERIFIED NON-GMO: Vegan capsules with no artificial flavors, gluten free, making our products vegan and vegetarian friendly
2. LICENSED BY HEALTH CANADA: We are proud to be Made in Canada, all the herbs are sourced, and manufactured to provide the highest standards of quality supplements for all
3. FORMULATED BY DR. HEMANT GUPTA: Dr. Gupta is renowned for his experience in Ayurvedic teaching, research, and as a clinician. Everest greens was born using his expertise in ayurvedic herbology to develop highly safe and effective products that enliven body’s inner therapeutic mechanism.
4. HIGHLY POTENT IMMUNE BOOSTER: EverestGreens Turmeric Plus is especially designed by Dr.Gupta (MD, in Ayurveda) by combining Curcumin with Black Pepper and Holy basil to applify the anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and immune boosting effectes on all the circulation, tissues and organs of the body.
5. NOURISHES THE BRAIN: This formula enhances the central nervous system response and function by providing enhanced energy

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