It’s really cold outside, right? So, take a warm drink to beat the chill inside you. But what if the drink also contains nutrients to boost your energy and strengthen your immunity? Sounds really good, right? Yes! There is a variety of soothing winter drinks to keep your health at the topmost level.

In winter, we always don’t have to depend on alcoholic beverages to keep us warm and healthy. So, let’s start. 

Herbal tea

Are you having a sore throat, cough, body pain? Then herbal tea is the best remedy for your irritation. Herbal tea contains ginger, cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, ajowan, lemon, etc. All these nutrients have antimicrobial properties. Drinking herbal tea will boost your immunity also.

This herbal tea concept was first developed in Asian countries. It not only boosts immunity but also clears toxins from your body. Are you a fitness maniac? Or is the throat being little sore?

Then have Vata Herbal tea from Holistic Ayurveda. They make the sweetest herbal teas. Or try something different like Pitta Herbal tea. You will feel the changes automatically.

Spice tea

Winters are all about comfy sweaters and hot spice tea. We all take teas in the morning, so why not top it with some spice to make it extraordinary? Spice tea includes herbs and spices like cardamom, Lavender, cinnamon, Chamomile, ginger, etc. Pitta spice tea is not your regular sweet tea. It tastes different. Are you feeling sleepy? Take spice tea to boost your energy. The spicy extract will make your soul hyped up.

Ladies’ spice can erase your menstrual cramps and add shine to your skin. It also helps to reduce blood sugar levels. So, start your chilly winter days with exotic Pita Spice tea from Holistic Ayurveda and achieve health goals.

Kapha herbal tea

Kapha herbal tea is a special kind of herbal tea. It contains herbs like turmeric, clove, pepper, ginger, etc.

In India, people drink this tea to soothe their headaches. It also lessens throat sores and common household colds. Turmeric and clove are very famous for being effective immunity boosters. Start your winter morning with Kapha Herbal tea from Holistic Ayurveda.

Dry fruit Milk 

Pour almonds, nutmeg, and cinnamon in your warm milk and sweeten it with sugar—another yummy sweet beverage for your winter evening. Dry fruit milk warms you up with a variety of health benefits. Almonds make your hair strong and beautiful, while nutmeg increases immunity. Children love drinking fruit milkshakes. It has a lot to do with their brain also. 

Hot Chocolate

Everyone loves hot chocolate shakes! It’s one of the most popular winter drinks one can easily remember. Got chocolate not only warms you up but also adds sweetness to your taste buds. Chocolate also contains vitamins and minerals. Do you know chocolate soothes our nerves?

If you’re diagnosed with severe anxiety, then it’s the best drink for you. Chocolate also adds smoothness to your skin. You can also add cinnamon and Chamomile to your chocolaty drink.

So here it is. Holistic Ayurveda is the number one Ayurvedic product maker. They make the best yummy immunity booster. So, try all our winter drinks, and don’t forget to share your review.

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