What is Sinus Allergy?

Sinus allergy usually found in young children is a response to the disclosure of various breathing inhalants like smoke, dust, pollen, etc. Some allergic sinusitis can make several people vulnerable to some specific food items or other outdoor and indoor allergens.

Various people develop the symptoms of allergic sinusitis by continuously exposing themselves to the allergens. People are not allergic since birth, but this regular exposure makes them allergic. Sinus allergies usually last for a period of fewer than 4 weeks, but in some cases, they may last up to 8 weeks or more.

Symptoms of Sinus Allergies

In most cases, the symptoms of allergic sinus and the non-allergic sinus are the same; that is the reason it becomes a bit confusing sometimes to get to know about the right allergy. Non-allergic sinus does not cause itchiness in the eyes, nose, or throat. So this is the basic difference by which it can be recognized whether it is non-allergic or not. Allergic sinus may come with various symptoms that are mentioned below:

Itching in the eyes, nose, and throat.

Regular sneezing or running nose.

Pain and swelling in the forehead, simple headache, tenderness.

Sudden changes in the behavior, feeling of irritation most of the time.

Loss of sensation of taste and smell.

A problem in sleeping.

Treatment of Sinus Allergies

Avoiding contact with the related source is the most common and effective practice that can be done by the person suffering from allergies. But in the case of sinus allergies, carrying out this practice becomes a little difficult as the symptoms of sinus allergies must not be left unnoticed. Here are some common treatments that can be taken up a person suffering from sinus allergies:

Take steam regularly.

Nasal sprays that contain saline clear the nasal tract and provide some relief.

Inflammation can be reduced by the use of Nasya Oil.

Endoscopic nasal surgery may be required when other treatments are not effective.

Balloon Sinuplasty is the option to disintegrate blood clotting in the heart.

Some of the products that can be used are:

Immune support capsules – Provides help in maintaining and building strong immunity.

Turmeric plus – Provides help in healing and boosting the respiratory system of a person, and turmeric is also considered one of the most powerful Ayurvedic medicine that boosts up the immune system.


Sinus allergies should not be treated as normal allergies. Proper medications and treatments should be taken to eliminate this. We have discussed the sinus allergies and the various symptoms, and the treatments available that can be followed to reduce the effect of allergic sinusitis.

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