Drinking cumin, coriander and fennel tea has a few magnificent stomach related benefits. Each of the three flavors are very much viewed as carminatives and stomach related energizers. In Ayurvedic medication, this threesome are utilized to delicately stir up your stomach related fire, alluded to as agni, however without being invigorating to the point that one overheats. Whenever the stomach related fire is sound, the body can ingest and use the supplements from food better, and successfully separate ama, or aggregated poisons.

CCF Tea can…

Relieve bloating

Reduce flatulence

Calm spasms in the gut

Ease abdominal pain

Stimulate the appetiteIngr

Ease nausea and vomiting

Additional benefits because of the spices in CCF tea.

Improves the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers.

Further – cumin is a wellspring of iron, a mineral popular during lactation

Be utilized topically to treat conjunctivitis

Soothe menstrual cramps

Support respiratory health

Help balance blood glucose

Stimulate lymphatic flow

Modulate inflammation

Promote mental clarity


Blend of Cumin, Coriander, and Fennel


The least complex of recipes: consolidate equivalent amounts of natural cumin, coriander and fennel seeds, and store in a glass container.

To serve, add 1 adjusted teaspoon for every individual to your tea kettle, let it steep in bubbling water for no less than 5 minutes, then pour and enjoy.

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