Khichdi, is light for your tummy as it is easy to digest and beneficial for health. It is high in protein and beneficial for weight loss and gives you energy. It provides daily nutrition to your body. It is super easy to cook at home.


One cup moong dal

One cup chana dal

1 tbsp  soybean

½ cup rice (soaked)

1 tablespoon ghee

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cumin

a pinch of asafoetida

One small Onion (finely chopped)

1 tsp chopped garlic 

Salt to taste


First heat a pressure cooker on medium flame then add ghee. Once the ghee is hot, add cumin, asafetida, onion and garlic paste and stir it. – As soon as they are roasted add soaked rice and dal and add soybeans and turmeric then cook it on medium to high flame. Then give water to it and  close the lid and cook it for 2 whistles add salt according to your taste.

– After whistling, turn off the flame. Open the lid only after the steam is completely released. Give it a quick mix.

Serve hot on a plate, garnished it with green coriander. You can squeeze some lime juice to enhance taste.

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