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URITONE:  Bladder and kidney support, 90 Vegetaria nCapsules                                                                                                                                    NPN:80064658


Our kidneys are essential for detoxification, regulation of fluid and balancing blood minerals such as sodium and calcium. Uritone stimulates your kidneys to facilitates normal kidney and bladder performance by promoting a healthy urinary tract, urine composition and normal urine flow.


1. VERIFIED NON-GMO: Vegan capsules with no artificial flavors, gluten free, making our products vegan and vegetarian friendly

2. LICENSED BY HEALTH CANADA: We are proud to be Made in Canada, all the herbs are sourced, and manufactured to provide the highest standards of quality supplements for all

3. FORMULATED BY DR. HEMANT GUPTA: Dr. Gupta is renowned for his experience in Ayurvedic teaching, research, and as a clinician. Everest greens was born using his expertise in ayurvedic herbology to develop highly safe and effective products that enliven body’s inner therapeutic mechanism.

4. SUPPORTS HEALTHY GENITOURINARY TRACT: UriTone strengthens and tones the kidneys, bladder, and urethra as well as the reproductive organs.

5. MAXIMUM BLADDER AND KIDNEY SUPPORT: EverestGreen Uritone detoxifies the urinary system and supports healthy urinary composition

(Vata for bladder and kidney function)

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