The gut is the second brain of your body. Yet, it is the most underestimated and least appreciated organ. People often associate it with “going to the look” that’s it. The gut is a room of 100 trillion bacteria. All these bacteria have a huge impact on the whole body. It contributes to heart health, brain health, healthy sleep pattern, effective digestion, and immunity. Not only does it keep a check on the organs, but it also keeps chronic diseases such as autoimmune disorders and cancers at bay. The gut is a passage to health and longevity.

Mechanism of gut 

The community of good bacteria plays a crucial role in metabolism and health. About 70 % of your immune response is dependent upon the gut. It plays a vital role in synthesizing nutrients such as vitamin K and vitamin B complex.

Here are some signs that you’re gut is telling you about its health

Upset stomach, constipation, bloating, and gas are the most predominant symptoms. Sudden weight fluctuation, skin irritation such as eczema, certain food intolerance – is the main reason why the immunity system tends to react with a particular food item. It is all due to the poor health of the gut. If you have a sudden autoimmune condition, it may also signify an unhealthy gut. Because it inflames and changes how it works, don’t worry if you have any such signs. Changing proper food choices and a proper lifestyle can improve such conditions. Having a supplement or medicine such as Digest Ease from natural wellness is a great help.

Ways to achieve a healthy gut

Food and lifestyle modifications are very basic keys to attaining a healthy gut. Start by consuming fibrous fruits and vegetables in your diet. Good bacteria’s favorite item is fiber. Don’t forget to sip water and keep yourself hydrated. Eating fermented food such as yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi regularly affects your gut health.

You can also include both prebiotics and probiotics. So, make sure to catch up with some basic prebiotic-rich food on your next visit to the grocery—food products like- Garlic, Apples, onion, banana. In case you’re unable to get these or are planning to travel. Don’t worry. You can carry a handy product called digest ease from natural wellness. It is a certified product formulated with ayurvedic principles. All the raw products used are high quality and free from harmful chemicals.

Things that are slow poison for your gut

There are some foods that your taste buds may like but not your gut. Your gut microflora is greatly disturbed because of them. Large amounts of sugar, highly processed food, fast food are some categories you must avoid. Some of these foods that you see in every food vendor or convenience store are- farmed fish, all-purpose flour, soy, gluten, artificial sweeteners. Although it’s hard to resist, especially those with a sweet tooth and people with a busy lifestyle.

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